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Additive Manufacturing Consulting

Opportunity Analysis, Solution Identification, and Strategic Development for Additive Manufacturing.

Our team of additive manufacturing experts will work with you to perform a business "audit" to acces and indentify your use or readiness for the technologies.

Having had exposure and experience using 3D printing services since 1991, I have utilized all types of additive manufacturing technoloies since, allowing me to have a unique set of skills related to additive manufacturing. ‚Äč

Where are you now?

  • Can you use the technology? (Which technology or technologies)
  • What does the implementation plan look like?
  • What education and training is required?
  • How to design / engineer for the process?
  • Is there further process support needed?
  • What are the manufacturing solutions?

This "business evaluation" will be presented to you in the form of a report or business plan format. This evaluation will generate a "road-map" to additive.

Advance Manufacturing Analysis

Manufacturing: advanced manufacturing solutions from prototype to production. utilizing additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, soft tooling and high volume manufacturing practices.

  • Material Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Development